Taurus astrology november 15

You are known to be witty, broadminded, and have a very interesting sense of humor. You also tend to be quite a carefree person. That is not you. Instead, once you decide on a project, you will complete it all the way to the end. People born on this day are very focused and intense. Once you commit, you take matters into your hands and make it a point to go all the way. This makes you a very trustworthy and reliable person. They know at the back of their heads that the assignment is going to get done. While you are very focused and energetic, you also tend to expect the same from other people.

This is going to be a problem because we are all different.

You may be a high energy person, but if you have a partner who is a low energy person, this can be a source of conflict. This is especially true when it comes to your values. Just like with all other Scorpios, your governing element is water. It is the primary element of the more emotional signs of the horoscope.

Water in its pure form is very refreshing. When channeled, water creates an immense amount of energy. This is reminiscent of your ability to focus, as well as the intensity of that focus. Your main planetary influence is Pluto. While this planet may seem distant, remote, and cold, it actually says a lot about your personality. The sun enters Sagittarius, shedding its light on this area of your chart, on Nov.

You can take your workaholic hat off now, Gemini. Well, almost. The sun wraps up in Scorpio, and your sixth house of health and day-to-day routine on Nov. However, and I hate to put a damper on your month, but your ruling planet will retrograde on Nov. On a brighter note, lucky Jupiter enters your partnership zone on Nov. Still scared of commitment? I hope not!

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

Single Gems could suddenly meet a future prospect, and Jupiter can do no harm, so trust the divine order of things. In fact, the True Node enters Cancer on Nov. This is a good thing. You're doing amazing, sweetie. No, but for real. This isn't your first rodeo, Cancer; however, you've never been more ready to let go and start again. The true node enters your sign on Nov. The last time the true node traveled through your sign was back in the year Can you remember where you were back then? Or how you felt? Lucky Jupiter enters Sagittarius, and your practical sixth house of health and work routine, on Nov.

Remember, Jupiter is the Great Benefic, so make sure you take advantage of this time as it won't be back here for another 13 years. On Nov. Go get that sh'money. Oh hello gorgeous, Leo. Cheer up! You're almost done with Scorpio season. Granted, whenever the sun travels through our fourth house, we're naturally introverted and emotional; although, things are about to change for you, just wait for it.

Lights, camera, action! This is so much fun, and the best part is, Jupiter will be here for 13 months, so enjoy every moment! Now, Venus goes direct the same day Mercury goes retrograde, so before you let loose, don't forget to read the fine print. Last but not least, the sun joins Jupiter on Nov. Time to live your best life.

OK, Virgo. Let's get the bad news out of the way. Granted, no one likes it when their planetary ruler isn't working at its full potential; however, there's definitely some things you should re-evaluate in the home front. Are you being authentic about your needs?

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Have you been communicating with your loved ones? Luckily, Jupiter enters Sagittarius, and this area of your chart, on Nov.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

You deserve it, Virgo. Now, Mars enters Pisces, and your seventh house of partnerships, the day before. So, in the midst of your internal reflection, try to keep cool as this could spark some quarrels in your relationships. On a brighter note, the energy of Pisces is gentle and romantic, so remind yourself that it's OK to dream every once and a while. I know, Libra. It's been a roller coaster; however, I have great news and I think you'll be excited, too. The true node enters Cancer, and your ambitious 10th house of career and destiny in the world, on Nov. Do you know what this means?

All of your hard work is finally paying off, and for the record, this transit lasts for two years. Hello, boss babe. It doesn't end there. As is so often the case, actions will speak louder than words. At some stage over the next few days you will come to the conclusion that you are doing too many things for too many people. Then, of course, you must do something about it.

Be ruthless — cut back on your commitments by at least 50 per cent.

November 15 Birthday Horoscope

Generally speaking, people are more impressed by those who take action than by those who just talk about it. You have changed your mind so many times about a highly personal issue that it seems to have become a bit of a habit. That needs to stop. Make a commitment to stick with a certain course of action, then see it through to the end.

Why are you worrying so much about your money situation? Try spending less too! As Mars moves into your birth sign today you may be tempted to do something out of the ordinary, which is fine.

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