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Allowing for all three-archetypal assimilation by Seeker, Healer, and Universe to be brought onto the table and put into play, we may begin to understand the intensity of the subconscious and what stories and emotions it may withhold. We use the tarot as a link between the conscious and subconscious thoughts. With only a single card spread and the help of a few crystals we can dig into the subconscious and actually listen to what it has to say. It wants to be heard, to be understood. These cards not only help in guiding us to the light of truth but are used as a way to unpack our memories, understand our pasts purpose and release all negativity from it in order to ascend to a spiritual enlightenment in our future.

Tarot is all about connection and finding positive, constructive answers for ourselves and those we read for. We will elaborate upon that connection here as we discuss and review different tarot decks, explore different cards through daily readings, and connect those tarot cards to different crystals. Crystals help us enhance our connection to individual cards and to our cards as a whole.

In this community we want to inform and inspire tarot readers, from beginners to experts, to find that deck that calls to them or to learn more about different aspects of crystal use with the tarot! Angel Crystals Crystals are linked to the Angels and they can help you access them. There are many ways to enhance your communication with the angelic realm using specific crystals for each angel.

There are different routes to angel invocation including both archangels and angels inhabiting lower realms. Before getting started, you must do some research on what angel you wish to invoke. Many angels possess certain capabilities that they are marvelous at helping you with. Some angels heal aggressive tendencies, while others carry specialties in handling animals or children. This awesome community can also assist you in pairing the angels with their favorite crystal counterparts. Once you have discovered which angel you would like to invoke and what scents, colors, and crystals they adhere to, you are now ready to begin the invocation process.

There are many reasons to use the crystals in angelic communication. In the Crystal Inner Circle, we not only guide you through many of these techniques, but also have forums and chat rooms in which we share ideas, stories, and inspiring messages. You can find much more information about individual angels and their corresponding crystals, as well as invocation rituals and harnessing techniques in our Angel Crystals community. Everything on earth is connected and every life is part of a greater whole. We all share a common energy, although within that we have our own individual energy signature, as do our pets and animal companions.

Animals are very sensitive to human moods and to atmospheres in the home environment. This complex soup of energies can be very unsettling for them and will affect their own emotional and mental state. Crystal Healing reaches all of the complex areas and the aim is that it will help you and your pet to understand each other better as your energies blend and you communicate on a much deeper level. Crystal healing is suitable for any animal and for any condition.

Animals can suffer from stress just as much as humans do. Animals, in fact, have a very high vibrational level output and can handle a large amount of energy. This has nothing to do with their shape or size, but rather this has to deal with their energetic fields and the innocence, understanding, and unconditional love energy that surround their very physical forms.

They actually process healing energy very quickly and effortlessly and much easier than humans can. Their aura levels and chakra center absorb this so quickly that the healing sessions do not take as long as human energy levels or even an environmental energy grid can for a healing session. You can use crystals to mitigate emotions and behaviors in your animals, such as possessiveness, clinginess, separation anxiety, grief, demands, lack of confidence, and even the need to reboot their polarity.

Many use crystals to bring animals back into their body. Crystals can help amplify good behavior, improve communication, and promote well-being.

Astrology Hub's Inner Circle {Astrology Community}

They can be used to treat physical symptoms as well, such as inflammation, migraines, muscle soreness, and backaches. In this Community we will guide you to becoming an effective animal healer. We will provide various therapies, techniques, methods, guides, and homemade remedies that will aid you on healing your animal not only on a physical level, but an emotional and spiritual level as well.

It takes practice, patience, and time to develop efficient healing skills and gain confidence in energy communication. The more healing we give, the stronger it becomes. As your healing potential develops different levels of awareness and understanding will unfold for you. Giving healing to your pet is to experience, and be guided along, a very special journey. Crystals for Beginners If you're new to crystals, this is the place to start and learn the basics. We know the world of crystals can be overwhelming and bewildering. There are hundreds of books and thousands of videos out there teaching a vast subject.

It is almost impossible to know where to begin and what to buy or watch. We certainly found that to be true when we started out many years ago. We can empathize with anyone who is as lost as we were. We understand the issues. This community, Crystals for Beginners is just for you.

Here there are not dumb questions, hard to follow posts, strange words, or mystic saying that assume you know everything. Rather, we have straight talk, simple explanations, clear instructions, and good vibes! The blogs are written to be understood and useful for the new beginner to crystals.

Articles by Thomas Gazis

The articles and videos are selected and produced focused on new users. The Forums are here to make sure every one of your questions are answered clearly and completely. We look forward to helping everyone learn the amazing power of crystals and how to apply that power in their own lives and the lives of others.

There are actually two parts to the use of crystal energy with herbs and other plants: 1 Crystal energy can be combined with plant energy in a very synergistic way to treat many issues. In particular, herbs and crystal energies can be combined enhancing the efficacy of both. By using crystals and herbs together, we are able to mold the Limitless Energy to assist with our personal needs.

However, magic will not work for a worldly desire; a profound spiritual need must subsist in order for magic to prevail. It is our responsibility as light workers to wield magic for Loving purposes only. Furthermore, in relation to crystals, herbs are dedicated and enchanted by rituals including astrological timing, visualization, chants, colored candles, and serene environments.

During these rituals, we infuse the proper herbs with crystalline energetic properties in order to magnify their vibrational patterns. These herbs are then worn in addition to the correlating crystals that reverberate reflections of your individual intention. Herbs are burnt as incense in practices such as Feng Shui to stimulate the flow of energy in your home or office.

With their crystal partners, herbs are also infused in pure water to use in meditation baths, as Holy protective water, in magic potions, and elixirs. We also use crystals to enhance the growth and purpose of certain herbs or plants in our gardens. By placing the crystals near or around the plants you wish to dedicate and infuse, we magnify our intention for the specific usage of these plants. The crystals, fueled by your loving intention, assist the plant in gaining their highest possible energy intake.

Therefore, making each and every herb as beneficial to your health as possible. In the Crystal Inner Circle, we have fashioned together a Garden Crystals Community to spread the knowledge of practical magic in correlation with herbs and plant life. In this fantastic community you can find recipes for potions and elixirs for each of your individual needs; you will also find enchantment techniques pertaining to all levels of crystal practitioners. Goddess Crystals Crystals can bring the blessings and strength of the Divine Feminine and the Goddess to your life.

Chris Brennan

The best way to begin this process is to understand which goddess your heart connects with on a spiritual level. There are hundreds of distinctive goddesses of different cultures, and it can take a lifetime of research to understand each one. We have made this process extremely easy for you in the Goddess Crystals Community.

Furthermore, at the Crystal Inner Circle we have discovered magnificent ways to utilize sacred crystal power to help us strengthen our connection with the divine feminine and balance it with the divine masculine in our lives. For many years the sacred female has been suppressed by society and masculine cultures. The female mentality of dance, grace, compassion, and nurturing has many times been cast aside and replaced with anger, aggression, and warfare.

By dedicating and wearing female crystals such as Candle Quartz and Smoky Quartz we are able to enhance the Divine Feminine energy within.

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Determine if your crystals are male or female by observing their points. If the point of the crystal is clear, you have a male crystal. If the point of the crystal is smoky or opaque in appearance, you possess a female crystal. In the Goddess Crystal community, you can easily look up any goddess pertaining to your individual issues. You no longer need to spend years of your life digging up old folklore and mythological books to distinguish which goddess you must call upon for which issue you wish to overcome.

The Goddess Crystals community makes it simple for you to scroll through the amalgam of goddesses to read and understand which one is right for you!

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Well, it is the everything else of our crystal communities. There is so much found within crystal healing and metaphysical uses that it's sometimes hard to put it all in a perfect little box. For that reason, we have that Crystal Labyrinth Community.

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Here, we will explore everything from Crystal Skulls to Crystal Bowls and more! The Crystal Labyrinth will take you on different paths and journeys to using and discovering new crystals. Throughout this journey you will come across remedies, talismans, spells, and many other inspirational activities to benefit by while using your crystals. Trying to decide whether or not to accept an offer or invitation? Skip to content. Posted on August 19, September 15, by Rebecca Garcia.

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