Waning and waxing moon astrology

In astrology the term waxing is used to designate the half of an orbital or synodic cycle between two planets that begins at the conjunction and ends at the opposition. This is as opposed to the waning phase, which is the half of the synodic cycle that begins at the opposition and then ends at the conjunction. The concept is most commonly applied to Moon, where the Moon is said to be in her waxing phase or waning phase, although in modern astrology the term has become applied more broadly to the synodic cycles between other pairs of planets as well.

When applied to the Moon, the waxing cycle takes place in the first half of the cycle after the New Moon takes place and then up to when the Full Moon is exact. The waning cycle takes place in the second half of the cycle from the Full Moon up to the New Moon.

See the diagram below for an illustration. Since the waxing phase takes place in the first half of the synodic cycle with the Sun, it is usually symbolically associated with themes like new beginnings, growth, and adolescence. This is contrasted with the waning phase, which is symbolically associated with endings, decay, and maturity. Each Nakshatra is ruled by a specific planet in the same way that each horoscope sign is ruled by a specific planet.

This means that each planet in the birth chart will have the influence of the horoscope sign it is sitting in and the horoscope ruler and also the Nakshatra sign and the Nakshatra ruler on it.

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This is particularly significant for the Moon and the rising sign in a chart. Mars will be responsible for giving this person strong purposeful and energetic qualities. In the Vedic system this same person will also have their moon in a Nakshatra or Lunar Mansion called Bharani.

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Bharani is ruled by the planet Venus, so this will also give this person additional qualities of love, romance and an appreciation of comfort and beauty as well as the Mars qualities. This will give quite different qualities to the person, even though they will still also receive a Mars influence due to being in the sign of Aries, as in example one. In this way greater clarification and depth can be gained by the Vedic astrologer from the position of the moon and rising sign in terms of horoscope and Nakshatra sign and ruler combined.

Once this is set you will experience planetary periods in a set sequence from the first one through out the rest of your life. Looking at Example One with its moon in the Nakshatra of Bharani. Bharani is ruled by Venus, therefore this person will experience a Venus period first in their life. From this period they will experience a sequence of planetary periods that will run in a set sequence from the first one. Please note: In Vedic astrology only 9 planets are used. If you were able to live through all of these planetary periods you would reach a life span of years. This is supposedly the natural life span of humans according to the Vedic system, if we look after ourselves adequately.

I think we still have a way to go in this area. Looking at example one who is experiencing a Venus period first, depending on the position of Venus in the chart and its strength it will be either a good or not so good period for that person. It will bring areas of interest or focus according to the houses Venus rules in the chart.

The Dasa periods along with the transiting planets will bring events and situations to that person according to the karma that has been pre ordained in the birth chart to be unfolded and experienced in this life. Often towards the end of a planetary period we will experience great shifts in consciousness and a shift in interest and focus.

We can often feel a little unstable for a while as we become accustomed to the new energy of the next planetary period and the different issues and focus that it brings in for us. In this way even though the whole life may have a predominate theme or perhaps for some, several different themes, each stage of it will be experienced differently with different events and people coming into your life at particular times so that no two periods are the same. Sadi Sati is a transit that is very well known in Vedic astrology. It is more significant to a Vedic astrologer than the Saturn return, which is a very well known transit in Western astrology.

Sadi Sati is the transit of Saturn on the Moon in your Sidereal astrology chart. It can create some difficult psychological and emotional struggles in your life that might manifest in letting go or clearing out the debris in your life. It is a long transit lasting several years and will have the effect of encouraging you to go deep and re-evaluate your life and make inner changes.

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Although it may be uncomfortable and result in major changes in your life or your perspective, I like to view this as over-all, a very positive stage of life. It can make you change direction in your life and make you focus on what is really important to you. It can also bring relationship issues to a focus, in that you can no longer avoid putting things off and are forced to sort things out.

By the end of a Sadi Sati you will emerge as a new being, much like a snake shedding its old skin, ready to continue with your life in a new way. You will probably be aware of the areas of your life that you have to focus on.

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This is a long transit, so you should have plenty of time to work out the best course of action for yourself, no need for haste in your decisions. By the end of September those of you with a moon in Taurus should feel the energy changing for you as Saturn moves into Cancer, your transforming time is now over and you should be able to continue with your life feeling quite liberated and free.

Those of you who have a moon in their Sidereal chart in Gemini, Leo and Virgo will continue to feel the effects of Sade Sati. This will be a newer sensation for the people with moon in Virgo.

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This is a good time for inner reflection and deciding what you want to do in the next phase of your life. This is a good time for study or preparing for your future. Take plenty of rest and relaxation time and perhaps take up a course in meditation or yoga. So the next time you are admiring the moon, do notice its beauty and mystery and also its shadows and depth and be aware of its subtle influence in your life.

If you have a Western chart take 23 degrees the degrees off the moon to find out which sign it sits in the Vedic Sidereal system.

Moon in Aries This sign is ruled by Mars. This will make you a physical, powerful and action orientated person. You will be quite emotional and can also be fiery at times. Generally you will be an initiator of ideas but you must be careful to finish off what you start before you go onto the next project. Moon in Taurus This sign is ruled by Venus. This is the most favoured position in the chart for the moon. You will be very emotional and able to express your emotions.

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You will also be very sensuous and appreciate things of beauty or art and nature. You will have strong principles and a clear vision of what you want to achieve. You need to be careful not to be stubborn at times and you can become very angry if provoked.

How to know if Moon is Waxing or Waning in a Horoscope?

Moon in Gemini This sign is ruled by Mercury. This is a very intellectual sign with a general interest and love of many things, especially art, music, clothing, jewellery. You should be a quick thinker and learner and a good communicator. You should be able to juggle more than one thing at a time successfully and need lots of variety in your life, as you would otherwise become bored.

Moon in Cancer This sign is ruled by the Moon. A moon sitting in its own sign is good and strong and shows a powerful mind. You will be quite emotional and a sensitive person who is often offended by harshness. You are very much a nurturer and take pleasure in looking after others.

The Moon Phases in Astrology

Generally you will take the ups and downs of life in your stride. Moon in Leo This sign is ruled by the Sun. You feel that you are a natural leader and have a strong sense of purpose and determination to achieve your goals. In this you may be a bit self-centred. Generally you are out spoken and not too concerned about the opinions of others. You can be quite passionate and quite easily provoked into anger but generally do not hold grudges and calm down again quite quickly.

You will generally be fair to those around you. Moon in Virgo This sign is ruled by Mercury. This should make you a good communicator. You will have the will and the ability to make others feel comfortable. You will have a strong compassionate nature and an intelligent and active mind and be good in business activities. You will be sensuous and have a great appreciation of art and beauty. Moon in Libra This sign is ruled by Venus.

The power of Venus will make you greatly appreciate beautiful and sensuous things.