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We realize we are not at the mercy of our destiny, but co-creating it in every moment.

To read Tarot requires a high activation of intuition, universal guidance, and the ageless wisdom teachings. In each session we delve into knowing The Way. Tarot of the Spirit is a thousand-year-old system dedicated to psycho-active discovery. Join us and awaken!

Realize what you are made of. Certification for Tarot Masters. Register for any or all classes. It is not too late to join in to get your Tarot Masters Certification. For Certification, you must take the "Reading Classes" below also.

Journey of National Treasures

Please scroll down for more information. Come and learn the background theory of how all the Major Arcana cards fit together. July We will journey through the secrets of the Major Arcana. Prepare for a fabulous day of insight.

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Classes begin online in January, April, July and October. Tarot of the Spirit. All rights reserved. Open Your Consciousness. Claim Your Universal Power. You can be carefree at heart.

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Mark Pitstick, and Suzanne Giesemann Read what the experts are saying about Soul Smart Soul Smart contains helpful techniques on how people could connect with their guides and loved ones in spirit. Coast to Coast A.

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Media Appearances My reading with Susanne was absolutely amazing. My brother passed away unexpectedly a year and a half ago. He communicated through Susanne for almost an hour during my reading… sharing things that could have only come from him. It really was a life changing experience. Thank you Susanne! My reading with Susanne was absolutely incredible, awe inspiring and brought me so much peace of mind. The opportunity to connect with my late husband and to be able to find out what happened to him before and after he died was so comforting and I have been searching for answers for so long.

I shall be eternally grateful for her help and understanding and highly recommend her! In fact, I already have.


My reading was a very satisfying and beautiful experience. We had never met in person until this wonderful woman caught my attention at a spiritual gathering. It creates pioneers, it reveals, creates and establishes trends and is a platform for brands, suppliers, trade, opinion leaders and the press. About Us. About ISPO. More About Us. Partners Contact. Event Program. Exhibitor Directory Directions, Accommodation, Visas. Opening Hours. For Trade Visitors.

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